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Saline Blue Chlorinators constantly monitor the water
conditions to ensure optimum efficiency.

They are highly energy efficient and all our models run at 5 amps!

In comparison some chlorinators
run at 35 amps to generate the same amount of chlorine.


Superior self-cleaning efficiency of our in-line cell, especially at high calcium carbonate levels.

-Due to our advanced electronics.

Advanced cell design

Advanced cell design ensures that SALINE BLUE electrodes will not erode and will maintain their self-cleaning efficiency for life.

-Again due to our advanced electronics.

On Site Repairs

The chlorinator can be serviced and repaired on-site simply and effectively, saving both time and money for the dealer and client alike.

-Should it ever be necessary.

User Friendly

Simple to operate and maintain. No unfamiliar and confusing menus to navigate and designed for rugged and reliable operation.

-We don't belive you need a Degree to use your chlorinator.

Cost Effective

Lower cell replacement costs. Substantially lower than those of our major competitors.

-All chlorinators need the cell replaced eventually. We don't believe you should need a loan to do so.


Extremely reliable & robust in every aspect. Easy to maintain and all-round value for money.

-We aim to enhance your swimming pool experience for less.

Fit your Saline Blue Chlorinator Today!

Fitting a Saline Blue salt Chlorinator will transform your pool and we guarantee you will use your pool more often.

Our Saline Blue Chlorinators

The new Saline Blue chlorinators have been designed to operate at very low salt concentrations providing increased bather comfort, lower operating costs, the elimination of corrosion to pool surfaces and equipment, and more eco-friendly backwash water, while still maintaining high levels of chlorine efficiency. All models are self-cleaning and are virtually maintenance free.


SBR-50 Chlorinator
(up to 50 000 litres) Self-cleaning

10g/h Cl output at 0.4% NaCl
Runs at less than 50 watts


SBR-150 Chlorinator
(up to 150 00 litres) Self-cleaning

30g/h Cl output at 0.4% NaCl
Runs at less than 120 watts

Pool Filter


SBR-100 Chlorinator
(up to100 000 liters) Self-cleaning

20g/h Cl output at 0.4% NaCl
Runs at less than 80 watts

Replaceable Components

Self Cleaning Replacement Cells

SBR-50 Self-cleaning cell complete

SBR-100 Self-cleaning cell complete

SBR-150 Self-cleaning cell complete


When comparing chlorine outputs in g/hr, one should be aware of exaggerated claims by some manufacturers. At salt concentrations of 0,4% and lower, depending on the water temperature, actual chlorine outputs could be less than half the amount claimed.

Our DC current is smoothed, ensuring a constant output while the chlorinator is running, which also increases the maximum cell lifetime.

We are constantly looking for new markets and agents for all our products.


Saline Blue Chlorinators

With the SALINE BLUE system, chlorine is produced by electrolysis of the pool water as it flows through the cell and returns to your pool.

A major advantage of the SALINE BLUE system is that the chlorine produced in the cell has very little effect on your pool's pH, total alkalinity or calcium hardness, which is not the case with other chlorination methods, making it easier and less costly for you, the pool owner, to keep your water in balance.

Requires only minimum maintenance.

By automatically chlorinating your swimming pool this way, many of the problems associated with other chlorination methods, are eliminated.

The process is safe, effective, economical, much healthier and requires only minimum maintenance.

Saline Blue Cell Features

Designed for an easy installation that saves you time and money. All our products are tested and made from top quality titanium parts.

  • Ease of installation with unions both ends and clear instructions
  • Improved linear water flow within the cell.
  • Lower replacement costs
  • Extended cell life with no knife edge erosion.
  • Virtually zero maintenance.
  • Clear housing allows easy monitoring of electrodes & chlorine production.
  • Cell housing withstands in excess of 4 bar under test.
  • Inline water strainer prevents particles lodging between plates.
  • Pro-active water environment monitoring for optimum Chlorine output & cell life.
  • All top quality titanium parts and a fully serviceable cell.

Saline Blue Power Pack

Power Supply efficiency better than 80%, resulting in reduced electricity costs and longer equipment life.

All aluminium enclosure for light weight, corrosion resistance and better heat dissipation.

Compact, easy and quick to fit, saving time and money Easily accessible, the enclosure is easily mounted onto walls, or within pool boxes, and needs only one posi screw removed to expose enclosure interior.

The control box is easily mounted on two screws or bolts which are predetermined on a tear off section of the packaging box. Once these are fixed the control box simply clips on.

Short circuit and overload protected - cannot be damaged by overdosing with salt.

Automatic salt concentration and cell function monitoring. Soft-start capability to protect electrode coating at switch-on and at polarity reversal. - We have them reliably running in sea water pools! Many of our competitors cannot run at these high levels.

How to Install

Watch the video on how to install your Saline Blue Chlorinator. You can also print the installation instructions and troubleshooting here.

Frequently Asked Questions

*It is an automatic, electronic device that generates chlorine from salt (on-site-electrolytic-chlorination).
*The SALINE BLUE salt water chlorinator consists of a cell, where the chlorine is produced, and a power pack, which supplies regulated power to the cell. 

*Salt chlorination is the healthy alternative to chlorinating your pool the natural way.
*No need for dangerous storing of granular or liquid chlorine.
*No more red eyes and dry itchy skin.
*Lower maintenance and lower operating costs compared to any other chlorination method.
*Quick and easy to install.

-and we don't think your children should be swimming in high dosages of chlorine.

*Small pools from as little as 10 000 liters can be accurately chlorinated by the SBR50.
*The SBR-50 Chlorinator will handle up to 50 000 liters.
*The SBR-100 model will sanitize larger pools up to 100 000 liters.
*The SBR-150 Salt Chlorinator is manufactured for swimming pools up to 150 000 liters.
*Pools up to 1 500 000L can be catered for by using multiples of the above chlorinators.

*Our electrode coatings are designed for 10 000 hour life spans under normal operating conditions.
*Expect to replace the cell every 3 - 6 years, depending on the size and runtime of your pool.
*15 000 hour electrode material is available on request for even longer life spans.
*Commercial pools can also use our chlorinators by running multiple units on multiple filter systems or by manifolding them into a larger flitration system.

*High purity salt is recommended.
*Iodated salt is NOT suitable.
*Consult your pool dealer for further advice.

*It's easy! Simply check the status of the 'Salt Low'' indicator on the SALINE BLUE power pack and top up with salt when the indicator is illuminated.
*Your pool dealer will be able to test your water and advise on precise levels if desired.- Our salt reader would probably be more accurate than their equipment if not calibrated regularly.

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